All You Want to Know About Organizing a Garage

When your garage is filled with ladders, boxes, tools, fertilizer bags, decorations etc and people start thinking how you manage to keep the car inside the narrow passage, it is sure that the time has for you to think about organizing your garage in a proper order.

organize a garage

Let us have a detailed step by step analysis of re-organizing your garage.

Step 1

First thing to do in your endeavor to organize your garage is to remove everything from the garage temporarily. Everything should naturally include empty bottles to nails. These removed items have to be separated and kept under the labels keep, trash, donate/sell.

From the names of the labels it is clear that how you are going to dispose the times coming under each group. For example the label ‘donate’ can be used for donating the extra bicycles in a house where there are two boys and six cycles.

Similarly the label ‘thrash’ can be uses for throwing away an antique heirloom that has been lying idle without any use for many decades. I think the label ‘keep’ can be useful for making use of an antique wagon built by your grandpa by painting and bringing into the bedroom show casing stuffed animals, toy, story books etc.

Step 2

This step consists of painting your garage a fresh coat of some light color. Light color usually gives a feeling of more space. The floor can be given heavy-duty floor coating or some vinyl sheeting can be used for this purpose.

Floor tiles is a modern option that is in vogue these days.

Step 3

Though garages are meant for cars, it serves many purposes in the present day like barn, workshop, and supply station etc. All these services can be easily rendered and the garage area left intact by using vertical storage method.

Tracks mounted on wall will be the ideal one for this purpose. Hooks, baskets for tools, cleaning materials and drawer units will be easy and convenient in minimizing the wastage of garage area.

Step 4

You can find a convenient spot inside the garage for using as a potting station.  A sunny spot near the window that is adjacent to the garden or near a doorway are usually good location for this purpose.

This spot should be near to the water source so that watering the plants becomes easier. A surface of a table or desk will be necessary for potting station.

This can be achieved by attaching a table surface against the wall also.

Step 5

Now arrange a shelf for grocery items, holiday decorations, sporting equipments etc. A long shelf located in a high position will be the correct one.

This shelf can be used for storing bottled water, cleaning supplies, etc. bicycles can be hung from hooks connected to the beam near to the walls.  Holiday decorations can be put in a metal cabinet.

Finally everything will be in its proper place well arranged. Such a garage will instill confidence and pride  in the house owner’s mind.  There will be no wastage of time searching for something. You car will never feel like an intruder.