Five Important Garage Accessories

It is a worthwhile question to ask what will be the marks that can be given to your garage out of 10. If you can answer some of the questions like could you collect your sleeping bags for the last weekend camping trip,  do things mysteriously disappear from your garage, can you spot extra lights when needed etc.

garage accessories

If you get 6 out of 10 you can consider yourself as successful and you will have to restrict children entry to garage without adult supervision. If you do not get pass mark, it is time for reorganizing your garage.

Now let us consider some important accessories which can make your garage functional area that is  safe and useful for the entire family.

Tailored Living

Tailored living is related to custom storage solutions and systems organization. It consists of storage shelves, baskets, hangers, and specialty hooks etc. that will help you to store anything with ease of accessibility.

These storage solutions allow you to reconfigure your arrangements as need changes. This can also be modified  to include your expanding needs for storage.

Gridwall Racks

These are versatile and offer heavy-duty steel wire grids with attachments for accommodating everything like small hand tools like hammer etc to hockey sticks.

These are abundant in strength and its panels can be connected to create different configurations around cabinets, doors, windows etc. Hooks, shelves, baskets etc are some of the accessories of gridwall panels  which helps one to keep his possessions secured and safe.

Slatwall Panels

These are PVC panels that come in attractive colors that match the garages color scheme. Slatwall can be installed in sections or in strips.

Slatwall panels are good for hanging anything like bikes, golf bags, skis, etc with special hooks. As they contain baskets and shelves, even small items can be well arranged and kept in it safely.

Overhead Storage Racks

Unused vertical space can be made useful with the help of overhead storage racks. Awkward shaped and large goods that do not fit into other storage shelves can be accommodated here easily and conveniently.

Decorations etc which are needed only on special occasions can be stored here without any hesitation. All steel construction is good for overhead storage as they make them completely safe.

Non perishables, paper products, cleaning products etc usually find their place in overhead storage. This area is also suitable for storing staples in bulk quantities. This can avoid unnecessary expenditure that can occur by buying in small quantities.

Specialty Hooks

Specialty hooks  come in different shapes and sizes  and work well with all the wall hanging systems or they can work independently also. Ceiling mounted bike is an example of the independent usage of specialty hooks. Many things usually hang on ordinary hooks.

But for heavy things like bike, skate boards etc, specialty hooks will be more suitable and safe than ordinary hooks. Hanging them on specialty hooks gives the owner of the garage confidence about their security and safety.