Benefits of a Detached Garage

Garages are one of the most important portions of a house.  As these days every family owns more than one car and as they also have many unimportant things to keep securely till its use arises, the necessity and usefulness of a garage is undisputed.

benefits of detached garage

There are two common types of garages. They are attached garages and detached garages.  In this article, I am going to discuss the important benefits of detached garages.  As the name implies the detached garage is a separate entity and it is in no way attached to the parent house in which its owner dwells.

During the initial days of the introduction of motor cars, they were parked inside the house compound of the owner in the open. After that it was started to be kept in some sort of a carriage house intended for this purpose.

After that dedicated buildings began to be constructed for garaging the cars and they were almost similar to the earlier carriage houses. In the initial days they remained as detached structures. C.G Johnson invented automatic door openers for garages in the year 1926. For a long time they were swing open doors.

Integrating the garage to the house began to be practiced by around 1940s. As a result of prosperity in those days, it became a fashion to possess more than one car and the entry of the attached garage became the main entry point to the house. About 60 % of the houses in 1960s have garages.  By the year 2000s almost 80% of the house owners had attached garages.

Astonishingly the footprint area of such houses were only a slightly greater than the area of their garages. At present it is estimated that about 20 % of the houses have garages that can accommodate three cars.

detached garage benefits

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These days, people have started to understand appreciate the usefulness of detached garages. Such people are providing detached garages when they are constructing a new house.

Some people construct separate garage when they get an opportunity to convert their attached garage into a detached garage. Now let us consider some of the benefits of detached garages.